Have you been searching for

meaning and purpose in your life?

Done the reading. Received the healing. Attended the courses.

And still, you are fed up waiting for THE breakthrough.


Maybe it’s a matter of understanding

Who You Truly Are.

Your Universal Self.

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Are You Ready To Receive Clarity & Confidence Around

Your Purpose & Potential In This Lifetime?


It’s time to reconnect to Your Universal Self.

The Life You Are Meant For.

It’s All Here.

Waiting For You To Say YES.


Yes - That’s What I Want!

To Know, Understand and Accept

Who I AM.


Your Universal Self

Seeing the possibilities through the eyes of your Soul

Jo Muir

The Soul Visionary

Discover the Quantum Transformations possible:

  • Soul Readings – Discover Who You Really Are: Chaldean numerology and Soul Families reveal what your heart and mind long for, and how to be free of your Soul level challenges that keep playing out.
  • Quantum Healing – physical, emotional, spiritual clearing and reconnection for  a new level of energy, vibrancy and wellbeing. Start really Living again.
  •  The Brilliance of You – find freedom from your mind, and step into your heart for magical living – learn how to fill yourself up with love and joy without needing anyone else

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If you say yes to any of the following:

  • Do you still feel something’s missing to live a happy abundant life, even after years of healing and self-work?
  • Is your heart longing for amazing relationships with yourself and others, and feel safe and happy to be your authentic self?
  • Do you yearn for inner freedom and peace you can access at any time, no matter what is going on around you?
  • Are you ready to dump the overwhelm, fear, guilt & busy-ness, and start embracing fun, joy and abundance in your life instead?
  • Do you sometimes feel very alone and misunderstood no matter how many people are around you?
    Like you haven’t figured out how life on Earth works to have all you desire?

If these ring true, I have good news. The search is over for Quantum Transformations.

It is time to start living with clarity & confidence 24/7.

Find out who you Really Are with your own Soul reading and healings to help you evolve into the person you were born to BE.

You are a uniquely powerful spiritual Being having a human experience in this lifetime.
Start tapping into the unlimited power and potential within you.

Stop trying to figure it all out in your mind -start experiencing and trusting the Universal support waiting for you.

The answer is in reconnecting to Your Universal Self – the Whole of you beyond Your Higher Self.
Once you have understood and integrated the missing pieces of your life’s puzzle, there is no going back.

Open the doors and paths to joy, excitement, expansion and fulfilment.

Enjoy the journey, and rekindle the love for yourself, your life and your relationships again.

Clear the energy patterns behind your life-long challenges at core level, and finally be free to embrace the Truth of Who You Are.

Get out of your small mind thinking, and into co-creating from your heart. A fulfilling life with limitless possibilities awaits.

Quantum transformation means clarity & lightness are instant. Feel the almost immediate difference with healing.
Fast track your release of what’s holding you back, and connect into what you long for.

Introducing Your Soul Felt Solutions:

in July 2019, Jo Muir became Josephine Sorciere.
New dimensions of work have been downloaded.
Experience the brand new cosmic wisdom & healing.

People who get the best out of receiving Quantum energies through Josephine are:

  • Awakening Souls ready to integrate all they know is possible and LIVE it each and every day, with ease & flow, excited for what’s coming
  • People who have been searching for a deeper, more meaningful life, out of the Illusion and into the magic and possibility for their life
  • Curious minds who want to know where they really came from, and understand Who They Really Are through Chaldean numerology and soul groups
  • Ready to shift the energetic blocks once and for all. Allow the re-connection to love, light, freedom and abundance, joy and happiness

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